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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Knives from Kansas Arrive in Michigan

Joan Hoffman, who curates the Holling museum in Leslie, Mich., reports a wonderful surprise to find the two Holling knives were sent to the museum from Ron VanLerberg in Shawnee Mission, Kans.

Ron had written to me, “As for the knives, get me the address for the Museum and I can send them to them. I do not think they are worth much to anyone other than someone interested in Hollings. Maybe I can talk them out of a couple of hardcover books in exchange.”

“Lucille’s knife,” Joan writes, “came in a sheath and the handles are made from deer antlers. On the front side of the knife with Holling’s name it says in Spanish, “In my hands I fear nothing but God.”

These will make a terrific addition to the Holling collection. I believe Joan is now looking at books she can send back to Ron in return for the gift and which he can share with his two-year-old grandson.


  1. Hello Walt,
    As a great grand nephew of Lucille it has been a real joy to follow this blog and all the revelations it has presented about my relatives. The picture from the Seattle newspaper was spectacular and these knives were unknown to me and probably ended up with my Aunt Barbara, who received
    much of the estate (with the exception of the UCLA archive which I would love to investigate someday). Thanks again, and I will forward anything I can locate that might be relevant-

  2. Thanks so much, Jeremy. My joy in maintaining this website is the periodic discoveries that come to me. Stay in touch!