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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On the Road with the Hollings

Joan Hoffman passed along this copy of a photo that appeared in the Seattle Times Aug. 19, 1939. This picture and a short article noted that they were in town and nearing the end of their North America trip. (Nothing about the cat.)

Joan has been arduous in tracking down Hoffman memorabilia and ephemera. She wrote, “I liked the photo and didn't have many pictures of them at that age. They are a nice looking couple. The information on the back only confirmed that they were at Seattle in August of 1939.” She notes that this eBay purchase took seven weeks after “being lost in the archives.”

She mentions, “I guess the attraction was that Holling was an author and they were illustrators. Holling's books were for children, but they didn't have any children of their own. Travel with a trailer during the Depression was perhaps not all that common. They were in search of material and having a good time.”

Not the most exciting news break, but during the dog days of summer there's a dearth of news.

She continues, “One of the things said was that they had already traveled 31,000 miles. Hinman in her thesis said they traveled over 100,000 miles. From Seattle, they traveled to California and that was the end of the trip. It wouldn't have taken another 69,000 to get to Calif. That's quite a difference.”

None of Holling's books were mentioned in the article.

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