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Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Release Published

A new book has just been published that includes Holling Clancy Holling.  Ink Trails, Michigan’s Famous and Forgotten Authors has been written by Dave and Jack Dempsey, brothers who are both established authors. Sixteen other authors are profiled. 

Joan Hoffman mentioned this to me, and recalls, “I met Jack two years ago as he was looking for Holling Corners [where HCH was raised]. It is not a place you would easily find because that’s one of the local names long since discards.”

You can find the book at and other retailers ($14.41, available also for Kindle). Jack Lessenberry, senior political analyst at Michigan Radio, said, this is “a book that belongs on every Michigander’s shelf — after it has been devoured. I learned a great deal about several authors I’d long long admired…and more about fascinating people I have yet to discover.”


  1. I am a teacher and each year read Paddle to the Sea to my second graders. Two years ago we created our own Paddle and sent him to the sea by means of our Susquehanna River (in PA) to the Chesapeake Bay. This year the children are re-telling the story by creating dioramas (each child has a chapter to re-create in a diorama). One of the children asked if we could write a letter to his family to tell them how much we enjoyed his writing. Do you have any suggestions for this?

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