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Friday, November 5, 2010

Paddle-to-the-Sea, Timeless

So much effort, time and money are plowed into education and entertainment that it’s refreshing to note a simple work of art like Paddle-to-the-Sea is now approaching its 70th birthday and is still very much in print. In fact, has reduced the price of the hardcover to $13.60 and the paperback $8.60 as of this writing.

And it’s still the same charming, wonderful story. Joan Hoffman writes from the museum in her fall newsletter that a Michigan teacher told her she is currently reading Paddle-to-the-Sea with her fourth graders. She goes on to say, “The beauty of the language is such an important connection to teaching them to be better writers through the use of descriptive adjectives, great verbs and all the wonderful comparisons he has.”

If you would like to receive the newsletter, contact Joan at This issue discusses the work Holling did for Walt Disney, his early canoeing experiences in the area where he grew up, and his later home in southern California.


  1. The film version of this book can be watched on-line, thanks to the National Film Board of Canada:
    I've loved this book for 50+ years, and I still think of Lake Huron as a fur trapper, Lake Superior as a wolf's head, etc.

  2. My second attempt to post the link for the film:

  3. Hi Eli, and thanks for dropping by. I'm glad there's online access to "Paddle." Doubly glad that this is an inter-generational book and one that has "legs."