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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nipigon, Ontario, Revisited

About 10 years ago, residents and visitors gathered in Nipigon, Ontario, to dedicate a park where little Paddle-to-the-Sea began its journey.  The community proudly unveiled a wooden sculpture commissioned for the occasion by from local chain saw artists.  Water features replicate the Great Lakes flowing saucer-like one into another and offer up a water park toimmerse yourself. 
Friends of Joan Hoffman, who manages the Holling Museum in Leslie, Mich., recently visited Nipigon and passed on their thoughts and photos to Joan on their way back home.  Earlier last year, Mimi and Phyllis were at a presentation Joan gave on Paddle-to-the-Sea’s 75th anniversary.

A visitor stands in the oversize model of Paddle at the park.
This is a place where people of all ages can explore and enjoy and learn.  The Park includes the “Cascades” feature, where toddlers to teens have a blast playing in the water buckets, and opening and closing the dams in the water troughs.  Other features include a gentle misting leaf, flower dumping buckets, a spraying snail, and fountain spouts.  After you play, relax with an ice cream across the street at Rotary Park, visit the Nipigon Historical Museum, check out the local shops, or enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.
The Nipigon Museum.
The Paddle-to-the-Sea Park was more than 10 years in development.  The Nipigon Historical Museum on Front St. in town collects, protects, and displays artifacts representing a time period of before European contact to present day.  More at

Filmmaker Bill Mason has created a marvelous video based on Holling’s classic, Paddle to the Sea.  Take a few moments and watch Paddle’s story come alive in this video, at  And share it with your children.  The Nipigon site also carries multiple photos, directions and news.