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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nice Coincidence. Now Spread the Word

Surprises are always happening. Joan Hoffman, who runs the Holling museum up in Leslie, Mich., had a recent visit from a retired fifth grade teacher in California who particularly loves Holling.  “She and her Michigan friend had read our Michigan History Magazine article about Holling and wanted to visit the Leslie Museum to learn more,” Joan reports. 

“We enjoyed a May morning together at the Museum and at Holling's gravesite.  Then they spent the rest of the day and the next two days at other Michigan sites.  While on this trip, they stopped at a number of bookstores to buy a copy of Paddle -to-the-Sea, but there were none to be found.  The California friend urged every Michigan bookstore they entered that they should have the books by this wonderful Michigan author on their shelves.”  Some testimonial. 

Joan said that with this experience behind them, “They felt our museum should have copies of Paddle-to-the Sea available to sell.”  Whereupon, the pair purchased eight copies from Barnes & Noble and donated them to the museum. “What a thoughtful gift,” Joan said. 

She ended her long-distance e-mail to me, saying, “I look at these presentations as an opportunity to spread the word about Holling and his work.  The day before hosting these two visitors, I had 13 for a presentation. So hopefully each of the 15 will say something about Holling to at least one other person.” 

On this 75th anniversary of Paddle’s publishing, you might want to consider a young friend or family member who needs an introduction to this writer.  It can be your gift.