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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bringing Paddle to the Sightless

The Holling museum in Leslie, MI, has a new acquisition that is both wonderful and somewhat unusual.  The museum acquired a copy of Paddle-to-the-Sea in Braille for young people—and elders—without sight.  

This edition was published by Seedlings, Braille Books for Children, a publisher located in Livonia, MI.  Joan Hoffman, curator of the museum, explains that there are no illustrations.  The book is apparently out of print now, although the museum’s copy had a publisher’s date of 1993.

 [My apologies to those who follow this blog that I’ve been physically incapacitated this summer but hope to play catch-up.  My thanks to a new friend in Scotland who wrote this week seeking information on Hazel Gibb Hinman, whose 1958 thesis at the University of Redlands (CA) has been a font of information on Holling Clancy Holling.  And earlier, we were so happy to hear from a Holling fan who teaches in Peru while working on his doctorate.  We’re always glad to help and see this blog as a forum for keeping alive the memory of a wonderful children’s book author, illustrator and naturalist.]

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  1. Note: A Braille edition of Paddle is still available from Amazon. It apparently is not out of print, and this is good news. You can access the information at